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For Clergy and Ministers

A Prophetic Word and Prayer

Past, but it's Now and Worse





    On this morning, it was somewhat different than usual. While meditating, and praying I heard in my spirit Holy Spirit speaking. And simultaneously, I sensed greatly, deeply and strongly an alarm as Holy Spirit said, the Devil has sent out  a greater demonic onslaught type of action, activity, strike, assault, ensnarement against women ministers/ ministry leaders in Arizona. And that Satan’s purpose is to cause countless numbers of women ministers and leaders from    all over, not only in Arizona to feel and experience a greater mental stress. Some will experience light depression, distress, guilt from demons’ false accusations, and condemnation, physical /health attacks and financial lack.   In addition, they'll feel a weariness of spirit and mind, feel    a sense of failure in ministry assignments, have feelings of rejection from being overlooked and want to stop ministering for awhile. I sensed Holy Spirit saying, to be in touch with other ministers and ask them to join me in immediate and urgent prayer; to start praying and pray until they felt a release in their spirit for at least two weeks.


Holy Spirit said, this “Women Ministers/ Ministry Leaders’ Forum and Prayer Time” May 20-21, 2011 is what God desires for us; to establish an ongoing connection, unity, encouragement, a strong support and prayer among other women Ministers.  And today, hell's counsel /hierarchy doesn’t want this to Happen!  So, I pray that this Ministers and Leaders’ Forum will register into the spirit of every minister and leader that has been invited. I pray this will be received as VERY IMPORTANT, that we convene!  I pray for spiritual sensitivity to be received, communicated, and this bear witness with their/your spirit regarding these Words/ “MESSAGE”. And hopefully, a sacrifice will be made to join me, other ministers and leaders for this “SPECIAL, EMPOWERMENT GATHERING & FORUM”. Please email and share it with other ministers /leaders that you know! TOGETHER WE STAND AND WE WIN!



Pray in tongues as Holy Spirit gives you the utterance for this PRAYER FOCUS; TO CANCEL SATAN’S ATTACK AGAINST ALL WOMEN MINISTERS & MINISTRY LEADERS!


   Father God, in the power of agreement prayer and in the authority we have in Jesus’ name and blood to bind, and loose through combined faith and prayer: We bind and cancel this greater demonic onslaught, actions, activities, strike, assault and ensnarement against women ministers and ministry leaders in Arizona! In Jesus’ name, we un-tie our self, other ministers and leaders all over AZ and in other States from accepting, or experiencing any mental stress, depression, distress, guilt from demons’ false accusations, condemnation, from physical / health attacks and financial lack. We untie the ministers from a weary spirit and mind.  In the name of Jesus, we will not accept any lies of failure in ministry nor feel rejected, ignored and overlooked by others! Satan, you and your demons are bound, restricted and rendered powerless over me and other women of God,    in Jesus' name and blood!


   We agree, that God has already declared and affirmed that we are His flaming fire ministers called out, approved, appointed, anointed and empowered by Holy Spirit to succeed in everything God assigns us to do; and even do some greater works in His kingdom! We are more than conquerors! We have been given power in Jesus' name, and power over all the power of the devil, over demons' false accusation and the kingdom of darkness! And the plots, assignments and witchcraft prayers in Jesus' name  & blood are defeated, destroyed, overthrown, over-powered and stopped! In Jesus’ name, we are victorious and we’ll accomplish all that God assigns us to do! We  will have Victory in every area, and have God’s FAVOR and the Favor of Others, AMEN!

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