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For Clergy and Ministers


Rev Beverly is a Visionary, and Founder of several Ministries. She is a cutting-edge Evangelist, Deliverance Minister, and Counselor; having an evangelistic anointing and flows in the word of wisdom and knowledge as Holy Spirit Speak. Rev. Beverly is an experienced Ordained Minister, Evangelist and a Minister to Ministers; who trains, confirms and installs other Ministers into a ministry. As well as she counsels, mentors and edifies Ministers and women to practice integrity and excellence in Ministry. Monthly, she conducts “Ministers’ Empowerment” Round Table Sessions which supports, inspires and stirs up the gifts within them. These sessions enlighten, strengthen through the Word of God, offer prayer and encourage Ministers to “fight a good fight of faith”.


Rev. Beverly is the wife of Evangelist Horace Benton Jr. and is an Assistant Minister at the Highways & Hedges Ministries; which is a Full Gospel, Non-Denominational, Healing, Deliverance, Word-Oriented, Community Outreach, Interceding and an “On Fire” Outreach Ministry. She is often called upon to minister: to speak at revivals, retreats, conferences, and seminars/word-shops exhorting women and/or all Believers to live victoriously.


She coordinates, organizes and trains a "ministerial team" for national/ international evangelism/ mission trips, as Holy Spirit assigns her to go Evangelize the Nations. Annually, this trained evangelistic “power team” accompanies Rev. Beverly on these trips in and out of the country. In addition, she conducts and hosts her own revivals, women's symposiums, conferences, forums, etc. in Arizona, other States, and Countries. It is her passion, prayer, and delight; to inspire, motivate, equip and train God’s “flaming fire” Ministers to Excel in life, and Ministry and impact Family / Friends and the World!

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